Maybe you’ve seen it. Several people have contacted me about it. Colchester Soup were being interviewed about it.

The Beeb’s got SOUP.

I first heard about SOUP (the Detroit flavour) on BBC Radio 4 in 2013. Now, starting tomorrow on BBC World News, there’s to be a documentary series about SOUP and other crowdfunding projects. In a world gone crazy, SOUP – along with community gardens, permaculture and the like – could be exactly what people are hungry for.

Some homework for ya.

BBC Soup is asking people about their experiences at SOUP events. Here’s your chance to expand this movement of grass-roots empowerment. Read all about Detroit Soup, then give your comments at the bottom of the article. (Click Have Your Say.)

Not one to miss an opportunity (WE’RE CHANGING THE WORLD, PEOPLE!) I wrote them a lengthy blurb about our little piece of magic. And then, I pressed send and off it winged before I had a chance to capture and share it with you all. Doh. Let’s hope I did us justice. Hopefully so. SOUP pretty much sells itself.

And for anyone asking ‘but where ARE the soups?’ Detroit Soup is itself part of a wider movement – Sunday SOUP. Find soups all over the world here:

Vive la revolution! 

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