Ready for the first Southend Soup of 2016?

Saturday 30th January, 3pm – 6pm, Crowstone United Reform Church, Westcliff-on-Sea

We’re doing tickets this time as we’re getting more popular and want to ensure we make enough soup!

Book here:

Swishing Theme

Bring along any clothes, accessories or toys you wish to swap, as this month’s theme is ‘Swishing’. Just one more way for people to get to make new friends and share what they have.

Swishing is simple:

  • Bring clean items in good condition.
  • Stuff like that dress that’s been in the wardrobe for three years that you never got around to wearing. Or the remote control helicopter that seemed like a good idea at the time but has ended up grounded in the loft gathering dust.
  • The Swishing Elves will give you tokens for your items. If you bring Really Great stuff, you’ll get extra tokens (to ensure fairness; ie that people aren’t doing the clothing equivalent of bringing Blue Nun to the party but drinking the Champers.)

As ever, we’ll be enjoying soup, hearing a few Good Ideas in need of funding and enjoying ambient entertainments (feel free to bring things to add to the fun!)

The afternoon will look something like this:

15:00     Event opens.

Donations taken: £5 or what you can afford/want to give. Children under 16 attend for free. (Performers and chefs: voluntary donation if you wish – you’re already giving a lot!)

Bring crafts to sell, information about clubs/groups to share, stuff for kids to do, other diverse entertainments.

Beverages are served and soup is prepared.

 Swishing begins!

16:00     Presentations from up to five individuals or small groups who would like funding for a project.

Five minutes to pitch, followed by questions. Submit your idea in advance using the ‘Submit a Good Idea’ form.

 16:30    Everyone votes for their favourite idea.

Soup is served. Bring a Bowl!

 17:00    More entertainment, mingling and Swishing.

17:30     Soup vote winner announced. They win the amount donated by attendees.

Everyone helps clear up.

18:00  Event ends.

If you want to help – cooking, swishing, serving drinks, general help – contact or post on the Facebook page.

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