For the 3rd year, Soup friends were out in Southend High Street on Saturday 19th December hugging people.

The hugging team

Why do we do it?

To raise a smile.

The world can seem like a dark place. Bad things happen.

Christmas can be stressful. People that are isolated feel that sense of loneliness all the more profoundly at a time when we’re bombarded with images of happy families. Likewise if you’re dealing with depression – which is incredibly common – or if Christmas reminds you of something upsetting that happened this time of year. It’s also hard for people who are trying to make ends meet – when the expectation is to spend spend SPEND!

As ever, we were delighted by the amount of people that engaged with us. It’s wonderful to see the connections between people – between strangers; greeting one another like long lost friends.

The news is full of doom and horror. A free hug is a reminder there are actually lots of good people in this world.

People you can trust.

people hugging

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