Facepainting by Essex Feminist Collective

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Olive wood figures carved in Palestine; sold here to raise awareness of the plight of people living in the Occupied Territories and to raise funds for well-being. Contact Paul Fox via Crowstone URC. 


Hildah Mulenga (left) of Mumba Children’s Project, and Grace Chama-Pupe author of Me and My Mum – a personal story about dementia.


Mick Davey tells Soupers about the benefits of joining their local credit union Essex Savers.

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People brings bits and bobs to share, swap, sell, or request donations for.

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Supporter Rowan (pinched from Reading Soup) and his family sold delicious goodies to raise funds for his pending trip with ICS. (Particularly enjoyed the mushroom pastries.)

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There was a lot of facepainting…


Presenter (and winner) Rianna. And friend. Raising awareness and funds for St Mary’s Horse Refuge.


Lewis (left) and Pete present a proposal for a Community Allotment.


Grace presents her proposal for a dementia charity.


Presenting, the Little Free Library.


Chris presents a proposal for MORE Little Free Libraries!

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Ekco Club’s resident Elvis – Jason – entertained us throughout the afternoon.


I think I see some dancing happening…


Yup. Definitely some Moves being Busted right there.


Dan and Gemma once again gave the support of SAVS. 

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Chef Fiona (centre) and bread maker Helen (left) serving up the good stuff. (Chef Pete – who bought along his roasted veg soup- was at home having a kip having been working til 4am the preceding day.)

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There’s always time for a rendition of YMCA. Always.

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Thank you so much Paul for the splendid shots! xxx

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