Idea 1: Southend Pride

Describe your Good Idea: 
We are a community led LGBTIQA+ organisation based in Southend. We offer support to, and organise a series of events to celebrate variance 
and highlight the discrimination and persecution of, LGBTQIA+ communities across the world. We have three principle beliefs:

  1. Inclusion – we create events that are open to everyone. Even though our focus is LGBTQIA+ communities we are focused on ensuring as wide a reach as possible. Everyone is welcome at our events as long as their conduct is appropriate.
  2. LGBTIAQ+ culture and politics – we really love to celebrate the diverse and rich culture and political actions that have shaped our history and recognise the discrimination and persecution LGBTIAQ+ communities face still across the world.
  3. Localism – we recognise and want to celebrate our town and its assets. Southend has a rich arts and cultural side as well as some amazing small businesses. We want to where possible support Southend localism.

How would you use the funding from Soup? 
We are looking to run a series of events across Southend Pride week culminating in a free inclusive festival centrally  based in Southend. We are wholly dependent on fundraising. We would like to be able to offer these events as low cost as possible and would like to make the festival itself free so its more accessible and inclusive. Any funds raised are going to the running costs of the festival.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now? 
Our long term aims are to make Southend Pride a leader in LGBTQIA+ 
communities, to run our annual Pride events by becoming a self 
sustaining enterprise and to support business and orgnaisations  to help 
make spaces in Southend more LGBTIAQ+ inclusive.

Idea 2: Figuring it Out

Describe your Good Idea:
Figuring it Out is a small local charity that supports young LGBTQ people in the Southend and South East Essex area. We do this by running peer support sessions and other events to allow these young people to be socially included etc. Our peer support sessions are vital for young LGBTQ people, with the Stonewall school report 2017 highlighting that loneliness and mental health issues were especially prominent among this community.

How would you use the funding from Soup? 
With the money raised we would be able to run more group sessions. We currently have one group meeting monthly at the library free of charge. However we want to be able to hold groups in Shoebury, Rochford and Leigh and the money we raise would allow us to hire venes, and cover expenses for volunteer travel. It would also go towards running our youth event as part of the Southend Pride Festival in July.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now?
In 6 months time we hope to have started one or two other groups, and to have explored other options for engaging young people such as through online social media support etc.

Idea 3: Prism Chorus Choir

Details to come!

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