With a different hat on (the one I usually wear on weekdays) I took part in an event today in Victoria Plaza, Southend. Aimed at older people, the event included useful information (our stall had info for carers) and all manner of things to celebrate active ageing; including beautiful belly dancers whose ages ranged from 18 – 80.

Belly dancers

During the afternoon, I found myself a-hip-swaying along whilst watching salsa dancers from Salsa Heart. It’s infectious stuff. I also found that I couldn’t help joining them in smiling. Dancing – tis a rather joyful thing. As their choreographer, Gareth, led them in a line-dance style routine, I envisaged that scene at Southend Soup – wouldn’t it be great, I mused, if the evening’s fun kicked off with everyone (or at least those up for it) dancing together.

So, following their session, I approached Gareth to see what he thought about joining us for some Soup. He liked the idea, and he’s available on the 28th. Marvellous. He’s bringing music, happy vibes, oodles of energy and, hopefully, some of his dancers.

Even more reason to come along!

The excitement builds…

Salsa dancers in Southend High Street

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