Bring on the Trumpets!

Southend Soup is here! A simple scheme to support orn’ary folks – like YOU – with their Good Ideas. Come on now, don’t be shy, I’ll bet you have a shed full!

  • Need £20 to buy some yarn for your Teach Youngsters to Crochet idea?
  • Need £50 for some second-hand bongos for your Drum n Dance initiative?
  • Want £15 for some seeds for your Community Grow project?
  • Maybe £150 for watercolours and materials for your art Idea with a dementia care home?
  • Or maybe you’re to be the Next Big Thing to come out of Southend and need some funds to kick-start your Brilliant Business Bid?

The premise is to bring people together – at venues across the town – to enjoy a snack, get to know one another, and to support each other’s Good Ideas. The first meeting will be advertised very soon. In the meantime, read the How it Works page, and fill in the form to submit your idea.

And if you can offer a venue (or have any questions) please leave me a comment.

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