“Do the thing that’s in front of you” said Alan, companion to collies Fin and Oscar – two of Lexi-dog’s best buddies – whilst we strolled around Blenheim Park.

I’d caught up with Alan by the rose bushes. He was clearing them of choking weeds. Nowadays he brings along the pruners when he walks the dogs.

I’d often thought it was a shame that the flower beds were left untended, but I’d never thought to do anything about it. After all, it’s not my problem. It’s someone else’s job. But, the people who’s job it is are stretched ridiculously thin in this era of massive government cuts. And so the roses struggle amongst the weeds. And I shake my head sadly and keep walking.

Alan probably wouldn’t describe himself as a gardener, proclaiming “I don’t really know much about roses”. But he does care about his neighbourhood, and loves the park he’s enjoyed, with his dogs and family, for so many years. And so he takes his pruners and he does a small thing that makes a small patch of earth a brighter place.

“Wouldn’t it be great”, said I, “if every human just did something small, something easy, that they enjoyed, to help the world. Planting a tree, or making friends with someone across a divide. If everyone just did one thing…”

“Do the thing in front of you” said Alan. “That’s all it takes.”


Want some money to buy some pruners, or seeds for wildflowers? Submit your idea now using the form on here, or email me sherryfuller@hotmail.co.uk

Tend a rose, fix the world

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