With the Soup Movement growing rapidly, there’s ample opportunity for us to learn from one another and to bounce ideas about. So this I did, last week, in the Railway (where else?) with Rowan, formerly of Reading Soup.

Those that know me know I’m a creature of Chaos. I set up soup with the barest of formalities and let it run. It’s worked quite well. Reading adopted a more organised approach. And that worked well too.

I retain my reticence about formalising Southend Soup, however it doesn’t hurt to ask: What would make this even better?

For example; if we had a bank account, we could get money in the coffers that could be used:

  • For venues
  • To buy soup ingredients/reimburse chefs and buy the other ephemera necessary for events – bread, spread, beverages, nibbles, colouring books etc
  • To offer occasional ‘Soup Specials’ such as workshops about pitches, or how to write bids for funding – for proposers wanting to grow their Ideas into something more grand.

Currently, we rely on people’s generosity (and my putting my hand into my own pocket – which is mostly full of fluff, 5ps, the occasional safety pin, and the invariable dog poo bag (unused.))

However, in order to have a bank account, we would need some of that Organised Stuff that I do my best to avoid – people having Roles, and a Constitution.

Rowan shared many great ideas from Reading – like setting up a Dropbox account and a dedicated email (on the case with this) and inviting businesses to get involved – as they may well have things to contribute. Local businesses, as well as SAVS, could work with pitchers to make that small grant go further.

As Southend Soup is about YOU the people, and I believe it’s vital it stay that way, I want to know what you think.

  1. What do you love about Soup – what have you most enjoyed about the events?
  2. What could we do to go from great to greater?
  3. What do you contribute to Soup, and what would you like to contribute?
  4. Would soup benefit from a bank account, ‘committee’ and constitution?

There are three ways to have your say. Feel free to do any – or all three!

  1. Join us for a conversation at The Railway, 6pm-7pm on 11 February. Please join the Facebook event if you plan to come. If there are more than about 10 of us, I’ll see if we can use the space upstairs.
  2. Take the short survey on Surveymonkey.
  3. Post a comment, answering the above questions and/or giving other thoughts, to this blog post.

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