The launch of Southend Soup is almost upon us!

If you’re coming, please bring a bowl and spoon. You might also want an emergency cushion in case we get really busy and you need to get comfy on the floor (just as our cousins in Detroit do.)  We will have bowls and cutlery, but I worry in case there’s not enough. Although I guess we could get round this by serving soup in shifts.

Please also don’t arrive earlier than 6.30 pm, unless you’ve already told me you’ll be early to help with the cooking. The church staff are worried we’ll end up tripping over ballet dancers as they come out of their class (which ends at 6 pm).

I’m not entirely sure what to expect, and, for me, that makes it wonderfully exciting!

I know I have a number of super volunteers coming along to help with everything from collecting entry fees to cooking soup to generally making the evening smashing. So thank you, lovely people, in advance.

I know I have at least two speakers talking about their Good Ideas; the other two might also join us. I hope they do!

I know the kind folks at Gilberts are supplying some fresh tasty rolls and that I have decent cooks ensuring I don’t spoil the soup.

And I’m pretty sure there will also be Salsa dancing fun!

I’ll be rushing around tomorrow getting everything set, but will regularly check my messages, so please email me if you have any questions.



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