Tomorrow is Soup Saturday! Our very lovely friends at Kings Road URC are hosting and, as they’re an Eco-church, we’ve a theme of Green Living.


If you’re part of a ‘green’ group, organisation, or are an individual that does something sustainable that you want to tell everyone about – bring info and wares to share or sell.

No need to bring your own drinks, as we’ll have refreshments for you, but if you do; bring a reusable bottle if you have one rather than buy a single-use plastic bottle.

Biscuit eater? Then you’re a person after my own heart! The church is the ONLY place in town that can recycle biscuit wrappers, so finish off that packet, then bring the wrapper with you tomorrow.

Like to pamper yourself? The church also recycles beauty product packaging: “we are now collecting empty beauty product containers, not bottles which the Council recycles, but the little single use sachets, pump sprays, beauty wipe bags, etc. (see…/personal-care-and-beauty-bri… ) “

Got any old spectacles in good order that you no longer use? Bring those too! Minister Melanie, Mark and others from the church support charities in India who will be exceedingly grateful for your donated eye-wear.

The church is a Trussell Trust Foodbank so donations of non-perishable food are welcomed. Not beans or pasta though – they have oodles of those! Tinned meat pies, tinned puddings and tinned fruit are especially needed, as is long-life fruit juice and any biscuits you’ve managed not to eat already.

The Kindness Exchange regularly take their trolleys along Southend High Street giving essentials to people sleeping rough. If you want to help, they could use spray deodorants, wet wipes, hand gel and toothbrushes/toothpaste.

Plastic bottle lids: a friend of Soup – Larry – is making bird boxes from melted down bottle tops. (I know! It’s fab! He does it with a sandwich maker!) if you have any (they need the recycle symbol with a 2 on it – as per below) please bring them along  and we’ll pass them to him.

bottle lids

Travel: it’s likely to be a pleasant day so, if you can, leave the car at home and walk or cycle to the venue (they have some smashing heart-shaped cycle racks!) or take public transport. Buses go along Crowstone Road – and it’s a short walk from the London Road, which has loads of buses – and also not far to walk from Westcliff Train Station.

And then there’s the usual stuff…

There should be enough bowls, but bringing your own (distinctive so we don’t lose it!) soup bowl can help – just in case we do get thousands of visitors!

Your £5 donation for coming along is what funds the winning Good Idea from the three that will be presenting. You don’t need to pay if you can’t (these are hard times and we don’t want people missing out) but if you can afford a fiver, please do pop it in the pot. Every penny donated goes to the winning community project. Remember there’s no need to donate for kids that are coming with you – although if they get pocket money and wish to donate some of it, that of course is encouraged!

It’s the Soupers that make Soup events fun. Bring anything that you think people will enjoy – crafts for kids (no glitter though – it gets everywhere!) guitars, drums, mandolins, ukuleles, accordions and so forth or indeed your own home-made wares that you’d like to sell. (Ideally tying in with the Green theme.)

Everyone tends to get involved in the soup event and we’ve had a kind volunteer offer to make the soup. We will need ingredients though, so if you can contribute anything (veggies, stock, herbs – needs to be vegan and nut-free) that would be grand. Please don’t bring too much – the idea is for a lot of people to bring a little, in the spirit of community.

Look forward to seeing you from 1pm tomorrow! Hurrah!

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