Proposals for Unconference: 3 Oct 2015

Idea #1 – Just Listening to You Therapy Group

Just Listening to You is a community interest group. It provides support to individuals who have mental health difficulties. This includes, addiction, self harm, depression, anxiety, eating disorders amongst other things.

We meet once a week, but I want to increase this to twice per week. Currently I have managed the group financially by myself, apart from the SOUP funding we’ve been fortunate to win previously.

I would very much like to do more outreach within the community supporting mental health. My aim is to reduce the stigma of mental health and to make a difference in my members’ day.

Why is this Idea important?
Mental Health is absolutely essential, more so now as access to complimentary services are being cut.

How would funding help with your Idea?
I would be able to contribute to a small rent for the second weekly meeting, and also pay project workers for specifically designed training sessions.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now? Two meetings per week, lots of members, receiving free therapy.

Idea #2 – Southend Breastfeeding Support Circle

Providing breastfeeding support and information for parents in Southend. Facilitating groups where breastfeeding mothers can socialise and support each other throughout their breastfeeding journey. To promote and normalise breastfeeding in Southend.

Why is this Idea important?
Breastfeeding benefits babies, mothers, families and society. However it is not always easy and support can be hard to find. Southend breastfeeding support circle will be run as a charitable organisation and therefore will not be vulnerable to local authority and NHS budget cuts.

How would funding help with your Idea?
Funding will enable us to pay for training in breastfeeding support, insurance and to hire venues for groups.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now?
Six months from now we will have three trained supporters and a well attended group of mothers willing to share experiences and support each other. Insurance will allow us to visit new families in their own home, supporting them during the vital first few weeks where they may not be able to get out of the house to attend a support group.

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