Idea 1: Retro Rhapsody Street Theatre

Describe your Good Idea: Retro Rhapsody are a brand new entertainment that began in 2015 when were set the challenge of creating a walkabout act that would simply put a smile on people’s face at Pandemonium Street Theatre Festival in Southend.

We are offering both walkabout entertainment and theatre performance to summer festivals and events this summer. Our walkout act ‘Complimentary Chorus’ features our own original unique and catchy tunes all sung in perfect in harmony to unsuspecting passers-by.

Courting and Canoodling is our static performance, an incredibly exciting production that looks at the continuous struggles faced in the world of dating. Retro Rhapsody take the audience on an a capella, harmony- laced journey through the ages of courting conundrums, from medieval times right the way through to current dating disasters.

Why is this Idea important? This idea is important to us as it will be the steps in our journey towards creating creating inclusive relatable theatre entertainment for all. Too often the arts are exclusive and hard to access and so that is why we have made it our mission to take fun and engaging entertainment to people across the UK. All members of this new and innovative group are graduating students from the Acting and Community Theatre course at East 15 Acting School. On this course we have learnt the value of making theatre tailored for the community.

How would funding help with your Idea? Funding will help us with our general expenses this summer. As we tour our shows to different festivals and events not all will be able to pay or cover our food, travel or accommodation. Funding from Southend Soup would enable us to carry out our performances to the best standard without the worry or concern of our general expenses. We currently have bookings with IYAF festival in London and would need funding towards our travel to and from the venue along with food costs during the day.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now? Six months from now we would have finished our first summer tour and hopefully be a lot closer to achieving our mission taking fun and engaging entertainment to people across the UK. From here we hope to go back to the drawing board and look at audience/client feedback and consider how we can improve our performance. There is the huge possibility of our work being taken further to new locations and reaching new audiences.

Idea 2: Get The Kids Out – day trips for low income families

Describe your Good Idea: I run a community project to help families on low incomes afford to do activities such as day trips during the school holidays with their children. We aim to get the lowest price possible and organise cheap travel via coach.

Why is this Idea important? This idea is important because it encourages economic wellbeing and helps keep children/ young people safe by doing things they enjoy. It has also proven to help strengthen and build relationships with families and also social skills. In this day and age things are very hard for people so doing these trips at the prices we do enabled families to get out with there children with less stress.

How would funding help with your Idea? Funding would help as it could go towards subsidising the coach and cost of entry. This way we can charge less.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now? This group has been operating for 3 years now and will continue to run during school holidays. In 6 months’ time we will be organising and looking for funding for the next lot.

Idea 3: MWE-BANTU Dementia Awareness for minority communities – UK and Africa

Describe your Good Idea: The launch of Mwe-Bantu Dementia Awareness Charity for minorities (UK) and third world countries with special emphasis on Zambia.

Grace – who has published a book about her own experience of the difficulties of supporting her mother through dementia – has plans for increasing understanding of dementia in both the African diaspora in the UK, and in her home country of Zambia: where diagnosis and treatment of dementia is still very limited.

Why is this Idea important?: Because dementia awareness needs to be increased to enable people to experience a better life with dementia, and to help families caring for a loved one that has dementia.

How would funding help with your Idea? The charity needs money for hiring venues and paying various health and social care professionals who will facilitate workshops/seminars for dementia sufferers and/or their carers, relatives, friends, spouses. Such workshops will need printed reading material, pens and chart boards. Refreshments and sandwiches for participants and facilitators.

More funds will be needed for workshops/seminars in Zambia (and possibly other countries.) For example, facilitators will need air tickets; boarding and travelling allowances. They will need funds for hiring venues. Facilitators will need to hire a motor vehicle to use for transport in order to access rural villages outside big towns/cities engage in discussions facilitated by health and social care professions.

The workshops/seminars are specifically based on educating sufferers and their carers on:

1. Early detection of symptoms of dementia;
2. How to access services;
3. How to make referrals to local G.P./local hospitals;
4. Explaining available alternative calming therapies to the medical mode such as exercising, music, good diet;
5. Learning how to live with dementia or a dementia sufferer and lead a near to normal life.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now?

1. Launching Mwe-Bantu Dementia Awareness Charity Saturday, 30th April 2016.

2. Fund Raising Event 4th June, 2016 (BB QUE);

3. Dementia workshop/seminar 16th July 2016;

4. Fund Raising (Mwe-Bantu Ladies Tea) 20th August, 2016

5. Fund Raising Mwe-Bantu Dinner Dance 22nd October 2016


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