WINNER: Idea 1: From a Young Presenter – Raising funds for St Mary’s Refuge 

Describe your Good Idea: Raising money for St Mary’s Horse Refuge in Rochford to help pay vet fees and fund events and activities that can raise more money.

Why is this Idea important? This is an important charity to me and they are very small with little help and so they need all the help they can get.

How would funding help with your Idea?
1. The money would help pay vet fees and medicines to reduce the pain and suffering some horses have to endure.
2. It will also be used to fund further fundraising events.
3. To promote awareness of abuse to horses and prevent abuse.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now? The medicine you pay for will have cured some horses. We would have raised a lot more money from fund raising events and hopefully will be better informed and there’d be less abuse of horses.

Idea 2: The Little Free Library 

Describe your Good Idea: I am setting up a community project of Little Free Libraries. The aim is to get people both interested in reading again and to foster a community approach to this issue by having a LFL in their front garden, in public places such as the beach, outside pubs where people are invited to ‘Take a book, Leave a book’…..although you do not have to leave a book, it would great if people could recycle their old books by donating them.

I am happy to paint the LFLs and personalise them where necessary but making the libraries can be costly. I want to keep the costs down in order for them to be affordable and to be able to donate a library in certain areas like the beach, charitable organisations, Little Havens and such like.

I have one in my garden and have seen at first hand how they become a talking point and a focal point for people to share ideas, have discussions or just get to read a book they would never have thought of getting from the library or downloading on their Kindle.

Any donation would be useful to help me get this wonderful project going.  Thank you.

Why is this Idea important? Because anything that gets people together and fosters a sense of community will grow and create a sense of belonging, get people talking, alleviate loneliness, shared responsibilities and most of all get people interested in reading again.

How would funding help with your Idea? Funding would help with the building of the libraries and keep the cost down for those who wish to buy one. The cost of each one would be around £55. It would be wonderful if some could be donated to public areas where volunteer stewards from the community would be willing to look after the library. Plaques would be placed on each library to show organisations or individuals who have sponsored them.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now? I would like to see in 6 months from now, there to be a LFL website and facebook page which shows where the libraries have been placed, regular meetings of stewards, book swaps and reading clubs set up. I would imagine within this time to have at least 10 libraries in place.

Idea 3: MWE-BANTU Dementia Awareness for minority communities – UK and Africa

Describe your Good Idea: The launch of Mwe-Bantu Dementia Awareness Charity for minorities (UK) and third world countries with special emphasis on Zambia.

Grace – who has published a book about her own experience of the difficulties of supporting her mother through dementia – has plans for increasing understanding of dementia in both the African diaspora in the UK, and in her home country of Zambia: where diagnosis and treatment of dementia is still very limited.

Why is this Idea important?: Because dementia awareness needs to be increased to enable people to experience a better life with dementia, and to help families caring for a loved one that has dementia.

How would funding help with your Idea?: The charity needs money for hiring venues and paying various health and social care professionals who will facilitate workshops/seminars for dementia sufferers and/or their carers, relatives, friends, spouses. Such workshops will need printed reading material, pens and chart boards. Refreshments and sandwiches for participants and facilitators.

More funds will be needed for workshops/seminars in Zambia (and possibly other countries.) For example, facilitators will need air tickets; boarding and travelling allowances. They will need funds for hiring venues. Facilitators will need to hire a motor vehicle to use for transport in order to access rural villages outside big towns/cities engage in discussions facilitated by health and social care professions.

The workshops/seminars are specifically based on educating sufferers and their carers on:-

1. Early detection of symptoms of dementia;
2. How to access services;
3. How to make referrals to local G.P./local hospitals;
4. Explaining available alternative calming therapies to the medical mode such as exercising, music, good diet;
5. Learning how to live with dementia or a dementia sufferer and lead a near to normal life.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now?

1. Launching Mwe-Bantu Dementia Awareness Charity Saturday, 30th April 2016.

2. Fund Raising Event 4th June, 2016 (BB QUE);

3. Dementia workshop/seminar 16th July 2016;

4. Fund Raising (Mwe-Bantu Ladies Tea) 20th August, 2016

5. Fund Raising Mwe-Bantu Dinner Dance 22nd October 2016

Idea 4: Community Allotment 

Describe your Good Idea: Growing for the Future has been created so that we can share a community space where people can come and learn about growing food, meet new people, gain new skills or build on those they already have and share knowledge, especially those that may not have the opportunity or access to a garden or may want to know more but are not sure.

The project will allow food to be grown and shared within the community – this could be one of the cooking programmes we are doing within the Southend area. It will provide a huge opportunity for the people in Southend to meet other members of the community and support each other.

Why is this Idea important? Being outside has many health benefits, as well as educational benefits for future generations. There are more nutrients and minerals found in home grown organic produce, it saves money for those who are on a budget, it supports the environment and will offer the opportunity to bring the community together on a social aspect. The breakdown in society today means there is a lack of family support and without a family you don’t have much of a community. We want to bring about that change and teach our children core values about life and bring in life skills that are needed that are not taught in schools.

How would funding help with your Idea? The funding would go towards buying tools and a small plastic shed and the hire of a small skip that as we need to clear the rubbish and a broken shed from the space. This will allow for those involved to dig over the grass and clear a space for growing vegetables, fruit and herbs.

Your Idea takes off; what’s happening 6 months from now? We shall be growing food along with other community groups with the view to those taking produce and cooking healthy meals on a budget and for those who may be interested in joining the community cookery programme. This will be a long-term project and will be continuous in its development.


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