An embarrassment of riches at Saturday’s Soup. Three photographers helped capture the magic.

Mark Massey is working on a longer-term project, as he’s documenting the Soup Story. He might want to speak with people about their experiences, so watch this space for more on that.

I’m putting up a page each for Anna Lukala and Paul Stygal.

Artists don’t always get recompensed for their art. (Nods from artists reading this.) Oftentimes working for free happily, other times being expected¬†to work for free – because it’s not a proper job or, that perennial favourite ‘but exposure tho!’)

Both Anna and Paul offered their work for free.

I, however, have invited them to charge if they want to. This is how we do things at Southend Soup. People are invited to take part as suits them. It’s the anarchist way.

So, I present a selection of Anna’s photos below, which you are free to use – in their low resolution form – with a credit to Anna Lukala at If you would like a high resolution copy, you can buy one from Anna for a very reasonable ¬£5. If you would like a print, drop her an email at and she’ll give you a price (because it varies depending on size and stuff.)

You can also view the pictures, to music, in a slideshow over on the YouTube. 

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