One of the sooper things about Soup is that everyone tends to pitch in and do bits and bobs to make the event fun. Here are some ideas of the sorts of things you can do…

1. Food stuff: recipes, ingredients, bread

  • Do you have any such veggies that you can spare? (We aim to cater for around 50 – we’ll begin cooking once people turn up so that nothing is wasted.)
  • Do you have a recipe idea? (Simple, so we can prep and cook in about an hour – and vegan)

Don’t bring too much! – just any bits and bobs you have to spare. We always end up with plenty!

We will also need;

Condiments and extras such as salt, pepper, vegetable stock (vegan), garlic and maybe other herbs and spices to season the soup.

Bread/rolls – bring a few if you have any to spare , or know a friendly baker!

2. Jobs on the night 

Greeters – to meet people, help everyone feel welcome and stuff.

Soup chefs – to help prepare the feast!

Servers – to help with drinks and general fetching and carrying. (We often rope the kids in to help with this one!)

Miller abouters – sociable types to mingle, chat and help to connect people together; “let me introduce you to Bob. He’s a cacti fancier too!”

Cleaner uppers – collecting soup bowls and helping with cleaning.

Entertainers – Bring musical intstruments, colouring-in books for smaller people, or anything else you’d like to bring that will make for a fun event!

3. When to arrive?

A small band of us can arrive around 5 pm to begin setting up/start cooking.

If you have any questions, or prefer not to comment publicly on here, please email me at hello@southendsoup.co.uk

Thank you Soup Elves!

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